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06 Aug 2016
Example how to generate a TOSCA node type from a Chef cookbook using toscafy and expose its functionality through an any2api-generated REST API.

03 Aug 2016
any2api is now integrated with toscafy to expose the functionality of lower-level TOSCA implementation artifacts through higher-level APIs.

21 Mar 2016
Working on another e-science use case: exposing the functionality of Matlab scripts through SOAP APIs to implement a crash simulation scenario.

07 Jan 2016
Our Docker image any2api/cli always provides the latest version of the any2api CLI. You can directly use it without installing any2api on your machine:
docker run any2api/cli --help

18 Apr 2015
Binary parameters and results are supported, see API spec.

24 Mar 2015
SOAP API generator available:
any2api install generator any2api-generator-soap

16 Mar 2015
Working on an e-science use case for any2api: wrap a couple of plain old Fortran executables that implement a scientific simulation and expose their functionality through REST APIs.

09 Jan 2015
New website is online.